Next Level Opportunity

Our kids are young professionals learning that their talents can take them to new levels.  We have been able to book several events, photoshoots, fashion shows, parades, and even weddings and sweet 16s.

The weekend program could be another program that's just for fun - but we like to take it to the next level.


In 2021, we are expanding our teaching to include acting and vocal!  Keep checking in and be sure that your child is on the waiting list. 


Join on waiting list here!


3 Intensive Hours



AGES 6 - 12

Ballet Jazz 


Salsa Vogue 


HIp Hop African

Saturday & Sunday

9:00 AM - 12:00 PM

Saturday & Sunday

1:00 PM - 4:00 PM

4 weeks | $99 | $8.25 per class



At The Haus, we work by first creating our Broadway / Vegas-inspired Choreography

Then we break down all of the elements and teach the styles and moves for that dance.

Most broadway/vegas shows have at least 3 styles of dance.  Traditional schools will charge an hour per style and it becomes very expensive.

Our curriculum is creative to the students with 1.5 hours of discipline and then 1.5 hours in rhymic.  Our discipline class will provide classical training to create beautiful and exciting Broadway numbers.  Our rhythm classes are full of adrenaline, costumes, and energy to create our Bronx spectaculars!

At a minimum, your child will be studying 6 styles of dance in one semester!



Frequently Asked Questions

The Haus is 100 percent dedicated to being sure that we are covid compliant in every aspect of the way.

This has included downsizing and taking cuts on our end but we are determined to provide QUALITY and SAFE services.

Your children safety has always been a concern, but we have taken extra precautions since covid.

Below are some of our frequent questions we thought we'd share with you.

How are we keeping the children safe and 6ft apart?


We have "Fab Spots" which are stickers on the ground that will keep them aware of their distance.


Is it safe to dance with a mask?


Dance class is a paced practice. Even before mask, we are constantly checking in on the students and their well being.  Should anyone experience any discomfort - we will follow suit as we normally would.


How is sanitizing handled?


Between each class / cohort - we sanitize all handles and touched surfaces.  At the start and end of the day, we sweep and mop as we would normally.  


Can my child switch times/days?


As long as there is space in another class we will be able to switch their class.  Before any student mixes classes, we do ask for a covid testing to be done before we mix a child into a new group.


What if my child is feeling sick and can't come in?


If your child is sick and can't come in then they can take a sick day.  Due to covid having varied symptoms, we do ask that they take a covid test to be on the safe side before the child is brought back into class.