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Summer Stars Scholarship

Scholarships are awarded to Haus Students for various reasons including, but not limited to: class performance, excelling at a particular genre, focus, attitude, talent drive, sportsmanship, etc.

This is meant to help promote a nurturing and welcoming environment, as well as provide financial support to families who would appreciate the support. Scholarships amounts vary and may be combined with other scholarships.

New Haus Students looking to receive a "starter scholarship" are asked to submit a dance, singing, or acting video WITH a parent in the video with a paper that has the date and "Summer Stars Scholarship" written on it.  First-time students almost always receive a scholarship if they have put in the effort to submit a video. Commitment to self-growth goes a long way at The Haus.

Video Submission Rules:

  1. Submissions must be direct messaged to our INSTAGRAM PAGE:

  2. 30 seconds: Performance piece

  3. One minute or less: Student shall introduce themselves with their name, age, and why they want to improve their skills.

  4. Parent or guardian must be present in the video background holding a sign reading: Summer Stars Scholarship and date. Submissions without parent participation will not be accepted.

Special Note: Keep video submission quality to a minute. We do not encourage "editing for approval" to our students. You don't have to clip anything together. Video submission should not exceed 2 minutes in length.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Does my child need any experience? Your child does not need any experience. The video submission is to be sure that we are providing a scholarship to a child who indeed wants an education in performing arts.

  2. Why does a parent need to be in the video? An audition video is normal in the industry but this isn't an audition. The Haus NYC is an education-based program where the bond between the company and the parent is equally, if not, more important than our relationship with the child. We have to be on the same page when it comes to your child(s) well being and this is the first step. These videos are directly sent to our business INSTAGRAM PAGE so you can be confident that only our administrative team has access to it. The videos will never be shared unless you want to see it for your own reasons.

  3. My child is camera shy but wants to participate, how can I apply? There are cases where children are performative but a camera is intimidating. We would then encourage a Zoom call to meet and talk with the director. These are longer to schedule but it is an option. Use the contact form below to schedule.

Once you're done...

Don't forget to REGISTER ONLINE when you're done with your submission. 

CLICK HERE when you're ready to register online. 



(718) 764-0134


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