From Dance Coach to Online Zumba

Girl, where do I begin?

Back in 2017, I started The Haus of Casimar, LLC. with the help of the 3rd Avenue BID. With a couple of clicks from the mouse, I was a business owner. No experience in business, but I was a business owner. It took years of countless mistakes! And when I say countless, I mean, C O U N T L E S S. I re-streamed my business to focus on children and teaching dance and then finally, I birthed the most outstanding kids dance Squad!

Then 2020 happen. The year of clear vision, monster bees, the Corona Virus, Quarantines, and now rioting and protesting over police brutality. My company shut down in March and I was devastated. It took me 3 years to get it right and 1 day to lose it all. It has taken an extreme toll on my mental health but I think I'm ready to get back into dancing. I may not be able to dance with them in the studio but I can still dance with them everyone else through Zumba! We can have fun, be silly, and have a party every week through a screen!

Zumba is this amazing dance system that aligns fitness with dance and it has connected me to so many people. Some of the people I enjoy the most in the world, I met twerking and acting a fool with on Sunday mornings. I am looking forward bringing Zumba back, bringing dance back, and honestly, getting my waistline back.


For those of you who have been asking me to do this weeks, I want to say thank you! For those of you who inspire me everyday with your own bravery, thank you. To my dancers, who allowed me to live my dream and create an ALL-STAR Bronx Dance team, I thank you to the moon and back. I miss all of you and I can't wait to see you again. The year 2020 may not have been the year I was looking forward to, but dammit, Its going to be the year I look back to and I say, yeah, I did that.