Fitness or Zumba

Clients always ask me should I do Zumba or a Fitness Class? So I ask them what do they want to feel after a class? Do they want to have fun and sweat or build skills and new abilities? You should know what you're looking for in your classes.

When I'm teaching Zumba the focus is nothing other than fun. I'm not going to boast about how this song will target abs and this one is for the glutes. I don't do that. I hear a song, I dance in my head, and I birth a Zumba baby.

In my opinion, my Zumba success, in both attendance and results, is that we are genuinely having fun. Like, I am running to my ladies and yelling, YASSS Shake it!! Zumba is a feel-good class, I love it. And its an intensive cardio there is no way you are not losing weight in my class. you can ask any of my ladies.

My Fitness class is more about growth. I always start off the class with easy and basic movements. The first 2 songs are the movements that will be our base and then, song by song, I intensify it. Being a school teacher taught me that we need to experience the excitement of first being introduced to a subject and we use that excitement to grow. You can't start extreme. The tallest tree cracked from a single seed and we need to patient and kind to our bodies.

In fitness, you can not run away from a movement. In Zumba, you can sorta dance around if you're lost. In fitness, its "can you plank or not?" And if not, that's ok. Let's talk about it. Fitness classes are about building a skill, an ability, that you did not have before. Here is where the joy is. When you can tell yourself, "ok, maybe not today, but definitely next time!" And when you come back and you do it and you can see your growth... Girl... youre gonna be so happy!

If you're still having questions about which classes you should take, just message me! I'll answer back personally!

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