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Dancer today, Hairstylist tomorrow?

The real tea is that most of our dancers will not grow up to be dancers. In fact, we did not open up our dance company with the intention of creating lifetime performers. We created that dance company to give a home and safe space to students who needed a realm to express themselves through dance. We are glamorize physical educative childcare.

The goal is really to have fun and keep fit. We put on amazing shows because collectively its in all of personality to entertain. Dancers will dance for ever, and likely, they'll enjoy the act of entertaining. They may not grow up to be professional dancers and thats OK.

Dance is an extremely competitive field and most of us dance for fun. The first day that my niece told me that she didn't want to be a dancer, I cried a little inside. When she told me that she wanted to do hair, I was confused, but then it made sense. She doesn't come from a family that does wigs nor does she know anyone close to her that does hair professionally.

What she does have is exposure. She has worn hair extensions, put on wigs for performances. I have personally put her in drag wigs from when she was a child. She's 13 and her opinion can change but for now, I'm going to support it.

Successful hair stylist make a great living. If this was her career path then she would save a lot of money in not going to traditional college. She would be following her heart and maybe become her own boss one day. That's a brilliant future that I would totally be proud of.

More than I care about a perfect split, I care that my student is aware of set design, product placement, commercial beauty, costume production and the business side of the arts. Dance is the tool I use to teach them about the greater picture. I grew up loving everything and thinking nothing was attainable because a lot of these skills/talents were not taught in college. My students will know that everything and anything is achievable with consistency and persistency AND THAT is something that The Haus NYC will teach them.

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