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Mid-Spring Dance! only $15 per Class

10 Students per class

We are so excited that restrictions have lifted and we can have almost a Re-Opening of The Haus NYC.  Our Mid-Spring Orientation will be April 15th.  To 100 percent secure you spot, you have to officially join as a dancer.  RSVP is not a guaranteed spot in our classes. 

Join Orientation

Mid-Spring Sessions Open

  • Weekly Sat Morning

    Every week
    Saturday Morning 10am - 12pm
  • Best Value

    Monthly Sat. Morning

    Every month
    Saturday Mornings 10AM - 12PM
  • Summer Dance Scholar

    Weekend Classes at The Haus NYC

Siblings Discount

If you signing up two students - you're in for a 50% OFF Family Discount!  Please write in and we will prepare a invoice just for you!

Thanks for submitting! We’ll send you a price quote soon.


The Haus believes in uniforms because uniforms are an equalizer.  No matter where you are from, we all look the same.  We do prefer a traditional dance leotard, fitted aesthetic for professionalism and promotional purposes.  If anyone walks into a practice or if we want to record something, the students should always be presentable.


Black Leotard
*Example of a regular dance day turning into a photoshoot.*

Spaghetti strap black leotard.  Skin tone stockings (preferred).  If a child is insecure about their body, they may wear black leggings.


Dance Shoes

Shoes are expesive!  Soon, the hope is that the studio can buy the shoes from parents and then rent shoes! That'll be cheaper! Until then, black jazz slippers or sneakers are preferred.  No pink.



Hair is not always easy to manage, especially if you're running late.  As long as it is maintained and presentable, we have no issues with hair.  Only time we require bun is for beaded hair so the sound isn't distracting for our easily distracted students.


Performance Time

Depending on the event, costumes vary.  We have had costumes sponsored and we have done, "everybody red top, black bottoms".  Haus events are always a matter of fund raising and then its a group decision.  Special bookings, those are either sponsored or paid in part by the studio and part by the parent.

FIVE STAR Haus Reviews

Stephanie V.

Casimar is the BEST in the game. Not only does he provide instruction based on your needs but also on the things that you love to do. I have been following casimar since 2009 and don’t regret it!

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