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Hip Hop Class

Zumba, Fitness, & Personal Training

Exceeding Expectations

The pandemic has forced many of us in the home for over a year now and finally, we are able to open and get back to moving around in a safe and secure environment.  Small classes allow for trust and space. 
Enjoy getting back to the grove with our Fitness and Personal Training offers.


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Group Fitness


Our group fitness classes are designed to give you an intensive and approachable experience.  We are trained professionals who can modify to intensify or ease class as needed.  We skipped fancy names of classes and stuck with straightforward results and goals.

Personal Training

Exercising at Home

Personal Training is our personal contribution as "preventative medication".  Here we are able to work on specific goals in strengthening our muscles and making sure we are at top functionality.  We specialize in weightloss, toning, strength, and endurance training.


Group Zumba Workout

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