The Haus starts and ends with community support

The Haus prides itself in providing affordable and quality services to the community.  With that being said, there are aspects of which we rely on members of the community that believe a business like The Haus needs to exist.

When we say every penny counts, it counts.  We are asking members, friends, and families to donate or subscribe to a small monthly donation to help contribute to our Haus needs and goals.

Donations go directly to helping things like:

  • Upgrading utilities

  • Paying local instructors

  • Providing affordable classes

  • Costumes

  • Workshops Open to the community

The power in COMMUNITY


Make a difference

The Haus is happy and proud to be sponsored by Creative Visions

As a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization and United Nations NGO (Nongovernmental Organization), Creative Visions creates impact media, supports storytellers and empowers education and youth around human rights issues. We manage a powerful network of activists, artists, filmmakers, advisors and organizations. Annually, we host convenings and strategic gatherings both in person and online to connect people, raise awareness and inspire action.