There are lights and cameras,

we are the action.

We take pride in the fact that our students have been able to book several high profile events and gigs.  We spare no moment in our teachings, if you are a Haus Kid you are a booked kid.

With smaller classes we are actually about to form tighter choreography, powerful choruses, and meanful showcases.


Pick your classes





For the kid with pipes!  Our classes will have our kids practicing with a serious of musical theater scores.  They'll also be encouraged to write and perform their own peices.



TikTok is for kids, The Haus is for Stars.  Take dancing to the next level with our stage and concern style choreographed numbers.  

Monday: Ballet | Modern

Thursday: Salsa | Afro Caribbean


Sharpen those acting chops with script readings, improv challenges, and writing classes.  Learn range and creation learning what has come before and then by creating your own!


Kids After School

2:45 pm - 6:30 pm

prices vary

performing arts classes


In the realm of dance, singing, and acting classes - we have always needed our space.  Six feet apart was our standard before and our standard now.

Now, we are just more aware of space and mask.

The after school set up follows the same guide as our Kids CoWorking SPACE and our PAC (performing art class) will follow a set up like what you see to your left.

Every day of after school comes with a different skill and lesson.  You have the option to come once a week for dance or singing, or attend everyday for a full Musical Theater packed curriculum.

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