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When we created our LLC in 2017, the intention was clear: create a program that will give kids in urban communities opportunities beyond their neighborhoods.


Through sponsorships, talent, and determination, our students are given tools to understand and apply professionalism.  Our students take our classes not only for fun but for chance to grow and experience a world outside of their neighborhoods.

Haus kids have marched and commanded crowds for women's rights, LGBT liberties, and racial equality. They have performed at smaller events hosted by local schools and activist cites. Haus Kids have a responsibility to understand their power, voice, and talent to influence for the greater good.


The Haus, LLC.







When a Haus is

a Home

At The haus,

we approach eduction with the understanding that the most effective learning happens when the students and teachers are smiling.  

Teachers are encouraged to explore non traditional methods of instruction to ensure class growth.  If we have to lose a day of instruction because its looking like the class needs team build, then we will team build and the class will be learn faster and retain the information better.

We listen!  Our kids are honest.  They love to perform but they want to be doctors, teachers, and so much more.  Our focus is of course to provide QUALITY teaching, but we also focus on developing them as learners, so they can not only be great performers, but fantastic students in their traditional class room settings.

Our style of education is design for kids to learn at their max potential, for teachers to feel like they making a difference, and all of this will result with amazing performances and proud families.

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