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Studio Entrance - 518 East 147th

Free Summer
Weekend Dance Classes

As we prepare our students for their Summer Performance Season, we reflect on how many students we were not able to reach. This summer, we want to extend our weekends to all families for free.  Each class has a limit of 10 students and there are no requirements, simply apply, and join.

Summer 2022 will act as an Introduction to Dance and will most benefit students who are new to choreography.

As per Haus tradition, each teacher will be teaching a minimum of two styles of dance.  The Summer season begins July 9th and ends September 3rd.

Dance Schedule

Saturday Open
Sunday Coming Soon


9am - 10AM


Ages 4-6


10:30Am - 12:00pm


Ages 7 through 13

Early Afternoon

12:30PM - 2:00PM


All Age (Under 14)

Dance is sometimes something your born with and we see if from the youngest of ages.  If you child is one of those natural dancers or you think they can benefit from some cultural dance lessons, we happy show them the beginning steps to the world of Dance.

The average age a child starts dancing is about 8 years old.  Our dance director didn't start until 14! No matter the age, its always a good time to start a new healthy habit, make new friends, and push your body in new and exciting ways.  Learn The Haus basics and earn a spot into our intermediate classes.

Our intermediate class is where the Haus Curriculum begins.  Once understanding the core of our practice, students are able to start choreography on much more complex levels and start their commercial training before entering advance/commercial classes.

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Light and Shadow


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