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The Haus NYC is a dance and performing arts organization dedicated to providing affordable professional classes to children of all ages. We are proud to provide a safe space for our children to express themselves, explore their creative identities, and develop a healthy sense of self.


Dear Parents

The Haus reinvents dance instruction in that we are student, teacher, and classroom center.  We don't favor one or the other, because here, it is all-important. The joy of our students is matched by the teacher's freedom to choreograph. Our students get the unique ability to learn several styles within an hour because our teachers mix and match abilities for the greatest performances. This freedom of expression creates an atmosphere for optimal learning and personal growth.

It is our promise that our students are able to safely express themselves and understand professional respect for performing arts. Beyond competition, the realm of performing arts is vast and we are excited to be a part of our student's journey. To the parents who first believed in us, thank you!  To the parents who are interested, we appreciate the consideration and invite you to join us.

Best Wishes,

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